Implementation of your digitization projects 

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Today, customers expect service providers to deliver simplicity, transparency and availability in real time. We help you meet these expectations. Using our services, you can make the online contract conclusion for insurance cover as simple as an Amazon purchase. At the same time, we ensure that all compliance requirements in relation to insurance are met.

With Community Life Business you can benefit from a complete package consisting of product development, sales and customer services designed for the online world. The contract can be completed as part of the advisory meeting without any further work being required and your customer will immediately be covered. The process remains completely online even if an automated underwriting tool does not deliver an acceptance decision. Your underwriter has access to all relevant data online and can decide to accept the risk, in which case, the policy is also immediately issued.

Next to digital convenience at sales stage, it is important to ensure a positive customer experience for the duration of the policy. Our self-service portal solution provides the customer with a complete overview of the insurance file. The customer can make many changes him- or herself at any time. Such changes are then immediately implemented in real time in the administration system. You as the insurer meet the expectations of your customer today and can significantly reduce your operating costs.

Tracking can be applied to the entire customer journey in order to analyse customer experience and to deliver tailor-made offers to the customer. Our micro-services architecture also enables a quick integration into other ecosystems.